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12 nail shapes that can fit your look

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If you want to see your look complete, you should consider the nail shapes that suit you best. By changing the shapes, colors, techniques or designs, there are many ways to wear the nails and make them stand out to complement your style.

In addition to individual taste, you have to choose the type of nails according to your lifestyle, the duration you want the look to have, and make sure that it goes well with what you have chosen to dress. That’s why we show you 12 nail shapes that can fit your look.

12 nail shapes to complete your outfit

Always remember to keep your nails well maintained and groomed. The most important thing about shocking hands and nails is that the skin is hydrated and that the nails look healthy and well taken care of.

If you have decided to apply color, gelish, acrylic or any other technique, design or style, keep in mind that you must give them the proper maintenance so that they always look good, otherwise it is counterproductive because they make you look careless and disheveled.

1. Almondnail shapes

The almond nail shape is the most traditional. But do not be confused, it is still very much in trend because it is practical to wear, it extends the fingers and hands, in addition to combining perfectly with designs and patterns made with colored enamels.

One of the disadvantages of this nail shape is that it needs to be allowed to grow in order to mold the almond shape. This makes them somewhat fragile, especially if you are not used to having them so long.

2. Squarenail shapes

Square shaped nails are one of the most requested. This nail shape goes very well with casual/formal looks. It is the one that best goes with the French manicure and all its variants. Besides that, if it is long, the square shape allows it to not be so fragile and not break so easily.

This nail shape goes well for almost anyone and look. It is sober, but you can make it more daring or extravagant if you add decoration with stones, and colorful patterns. If you easily get used to its length, it is a good nail form to use daily.

3. Roundnail shapes

The round nail type is a very short and rounded shape. This style goes very well for those who are more practical or who like very casual and casual looks. They barely protrude enough to make it round. It is one of the best nail shapes.

This form of nails can also be ideal for those who are not used to having them long, but who want to give a touch of distinction to their hands. If it is complemented with a sober color and an elegant decoration, they can be complemented with a more formal or party look.

4. Oval square

The square oval nail shape is a very versatile style. It is a combination of square and oval styles, so they have an average nail size that is stylized to look square but with rounded tips.

This type of nail is perfect for those who want to change their style constantly. The decoration with stones, the acrylic, the patterns of colors, everything goes well with this nail, even the French manicure, so it goes well for everyone as long as they get used to the length that is needed for a perfect oval square.

5. Oval

The oval shape is a style that was used for many years and is still trending today. If the natural shape of your nail is wide at the base and the tip becomes narrower, the oval nail is a very good option. It is one of the best nail shapes.

It should be a bit long so that the oval shape feels better. Although you can use it with decorations and color patterns, the truth is that it goes better with solid colors. But that’s not why it’s boring, you can combine colors and with that make it stand out.

6. Mountain peaknail shapes

The mountain peak nail is one of the most avant-garde styles. It is a form of nail recommended for the most daring since it never goes unnoticed even if you do not decorate it too much.

To achieve the mountain peak nail you have to wear it short and the tip is very pointed. It can be a bit difficult to get used to the beginning, but because it is a short nail, it is not that complicated and is perfect for completing a very fashionable look.

7. Stilettonail shapes

The stiletto nail shape is one of the most striking and daring. Also, if you want your hands to look longer, this nail shape is for you. It is similar to the mountain peak, which ends completely at the tip resembling a mountain, but is more somewhat longer.

Certain designs on these types of nails may be difficult, but there is no need to add too much since they are very striking by themselves. All colors, patterns, and designs can get along with a stiletto nail shape.

8. Ballerina

As the name implies, the nails resemble ballet dancer shoes. It is a nail shape for medium and long lengths, its shape is rounded but in the end, it ends square. It can be decorated with any style to make it as formal or casual as you want.

The longer, the better the type of ballerina’s nail looks, so it is better to use it like this if you are used to wearing them long and you are not afraid of the risk of them breaking easily.

9. Duck feetnail shapes

Nails in duck feet are for the most daring and original. The tip of the nails widens horizontally even outside the finger. Many types of nails grow naturally, although in other cases they have to be molded with acrylic. It is one of the best nail shapes.

Being very wide, they allow you to play with more elaborate and striking designs. Of course, it definitely does not go with a sober or formal look, it is better to use it if you go with a creative and original style to complement each other.

10. Lipsticknail shapes

Lipstick nails are a form of fantasy nails. They are achieved with acrylic because it is difficult to give that shape to the natural nail even when it is very long. As the name says, the lipstick nail shape resembles a lipstick on its tip.

That is to say that the nail ends diagonally. This undoubtedly makes it very striking and original, so it will surely capture the eyes. An advantage of this design is that it can be played with colors and patterns to give it an even more original touch.

11. Arrow

Similar to stiletto, the arrow nail shape resembles this shape. It is one of the most daring styles and in combination with a sensual look, it can be a type of nail that completes the style of someone daring and without inhibitions.

The nail becomes a very pointed arrow. It is an aggressive style that can be neutralized with soft colors or intensified using striking stones, applications or colors and intense colors.

12. Flush

A nail shape totally contrary to the rest, bring the nail flush. That is, do not allow the nail to exceed the finger for anything. Even so, it can be kept painted or decorated. This form of the nail is for the most practical women but who want to look at the forefront.

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