High-End Desktop CPUs Disappearing from the Market — Puget Systems

High-end desktop (HEDT) processors first emerged in 2003 when competition between AMD and Intel intensified as a result of the Athlon 64 launch. Ironically, HEDT CPUs are now disappearing from the market as competition between AMD and Intel is more intense than ever, according to Puget Systems, a boutique workstation maker. The situation may change … Read more

AMD Zen 4: Everything we know so far

With the success of AMD’s Zen 3 Ryzen 5000-series processors, we and everyone else are looking forward to the company’s next architecture horizon: AMD Zen 4. The new 5nm architecture will be an important advance for AMD in its battle with Intel’s arch-foe, especially after the release of Team Blue’s Alder Lake processors in November … Read more

Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro motherboard review

Intel’s 12th Gen CPUs are pretty darn fast, and now that the 65W CPUs have been released, there are some really affordable options. Sadly, Z690 motherboards have taken a big step up in price since last generation. Though there’s some value to be found, especially if you don’t care for expensive high-end exclusives such as … Read more

Intel emits raft of firmware patches for security flaws • The Register

Intel has disclosed high-severity bugs in its firmware that’s used in datacenter servers, workstations, mobile devices, storage products, and other gear. These flaws can be exploited to escalate privileges, leak information, or stop things from working. You should check for any updates for your Intel-powered hardware, and install them when ready. Though it appears these … Read more

The Initial Performance Of NVIDIA’s R515 Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver

As outlined in yesterday’s extensive article about NVIDIA’s new open-source Linux kernel GPU driver, currently for consumer GeForce RTX GPUs, the driver is considered of “alpha quality” while NVIDIA’s initial focus has been on data center GPU support. In any event with having lots of Turing/Ampere GPUs around, I’ve been trying out this new open-source … Read more

Lenovo Launches the Next-Generation ThinkStation P620 Workstation Powered by the latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processor

The desktop workstation delivers a new 24 core CPU offering, enhanced performance and added manageability features. Professional users need to maximize productivity within the most demanding workflows March 8, 2022 – Lenovo today announced the next-generation of its ThinkStation P620 desktop workstation. The workstation continues to be the only tier 1 professional workstation available on … Read more