AMD files patent to automate DRAM overclocking

Why it matters: Opportunities to increase RAM performance typically come from the extreme memory profile (XMP) set by the manufacturer or enthusiasts with enough understanding to manually tune voltages, timings, and frequencies. Earlier this week AMD successfully filed a patent for an automatic RAM overclocking tool that appears to remove the guesswork, trial, and error … Read more

Should You Upgrade to an Ultrawide Monitor?

cigdem/ If you’ve shopped for a computer monitor lately, you’ve probably seen retailers touting their ultrawide monitors. So is the immersive experience they offer worth the premium price, and can they boost your productivity? Let’s find out. What Is an Ultrawide Monitor? If you’ve never used an ultra-wide monitor before, you may be wondering what … Read more

How an SSD Will Improve Your Gaming Experience

KsanderDN/ Are you tired of long boot and loading times whenever you’re trying to game? Upgrading from an outdated HDD to a high-performance SSD will significantly reduce wait times and improve in-game performance. What Is an SSD? Without getting too technical, solid-state drives (SSDs) are a far improved type of storage device over traditional hard-disk … Read more

Hot Chips 34 Reveals Intel’s 3D Foveros Ambitions for Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake CPUs

The organizers have shared the schedule for the Hot Chip Symposium 2022. Intel has booked a lot of presentation time with experts sharing information and insight about its latest GPUs, CPUs, foundry technologies, etc. Other key PC technology firms at Hot Chips 34 include AMD, Arm, and Nvidia. Well-known tech industry pioneers like Samsung, Tesla, … Read more

Insane Amounts of I/O For Next-Gen AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs

The first pictures of MSI’s next-gen X670E GODLIKE, X670E ACE, X670E CARBON WIFI, & X670-P WIFImotherboards for AMD Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs have been leaked and detailed. MSI MEG X670E GODLIKE, MEG X670E ACE, MPG X670E Carbon WIFI, PRO X670-P WIFI Motherboards Leaked & Detailed The pictures leaked by the Twitter leaker, chi11eddog, show three … Read more