The upcoming Ryzen 3 5300G may be the ultimate 1080p gaming APU

AMD still keeps Zen 3 desktop APUs under the covers, but a Chinese eBay merchant has already started selling engineering samples. The AMD Ryzen 3 5300G, which previously sold for $176.99, is no longer available on eBay, but we still have the benchmarks listed.

Zen 3’s microarchitecture powers AMD’s latest 7nm processors, spanning from mobile chipsets to heavy-duty server offerings. While the chip maker has already released Ryzen 5000 parts for mobile devices (Cezanne), the DIY market is still waiting for desktop variants, which may be able to compete with the best CPUs. AMD’s next-generation APUs are expected to take advantage of Zen 3 cores and an AM4 CPU slot. Based on AMD’s history, chipsets will likely come with Vega graphics but with a small generational spike.

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