Intel XeSS super-resolution technology launches on May 20 with Dolmen

Dolmen to support Intel XeSS at launch

In an interview with Wccftech, developers behind the upcoming action RPG “Dolmen” confirmed that their game will support Intel Xe Super Sampling at launch. This means that XeSS will officially launch on the same day.

Kiev Martins, who is a producer at Massive Work Studio confirmed that Dolmen will be the first game to support all three major super sampling technologies: AMD FSR (1.0), NVIDIA DLSS and Intel XeSS.

The game is now set to launch on May 20. On the same day Dolmen will receive a Day 0 patch which will include Intel XeSS technology support, becoming the first game to do so.

Will XeSS support be available at launch?
I think I can tell you that everything, including the partnership with Intel, will be released in the Day One patch.

Does Dolmen support any other upscaling technologies, such as AMD’s FSR and NVIDIA’s DLSS?
Yes. The technologies you mentioned are in and will be working with the game.

Okay, that’s nice. Are you planning to upgrade AMD FSR to the 2.0 version?
Dolmen will ship with FSR 1.0, but we have the intention to upgrade to 2.0, yes.

— Kiev Martins, Producer on Dolmen at Massive Work Studio

Intel XeSS launch would arrive just 8 days after AMD introduced its FSR 2.0 technology, both considered worthy contenders to dethrone NVIDIA DLSS once they become available in more games. AMD FSR2 and Intel XeSS will also both become open-source, which is not the case with NVIDIA DLSS.

Intel hints that DP4a and XMX may not be required

Intel confirmed that XeSS will have one unified API for game developers to use, but the technology will support various acceleration techniques. XeSS can be accelerated by XMX cores, which is a new type of core available with Intel GPUs, or alternatively, through DP4a instruction, supported by a much broader ecosystem, including AMD’s and NVIDIA’s.

Thus far, intel has said that XMX and DP4a instruction support are required, which meant that architectures such as NVIDIA Maxwell would not be supported. Interestingly, the description on the official website states that only Shader Model 6.4 is required, which is supported by Maxwell. But would that mean Intel lowered the requirements or that the DP4a acceleration is optional? Well, the description clearly says ‘additionally’ and ‘can leverage’, from DP4a compatible hardware, not that it is required.

XeSS support, Source: Intel

Dolmen will launch on current and last-gen gaming consoles and also on PCs. You can purchase the game through Steam, which is the only platform with active preorders. The game costs 39.99 USD/EUR.

Source: Wccftech

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