Gigabyte Launches Z690I Aorus Ultra Motherboard Exchange, Refund Program

Gigabyte has announced a product replacement and refund program for owners of its Z690I Aorus Ultra motherboard model. This mini ITX motherboard came in both DDR4 and DDR5 variants, but they both may exhibit issues with certain graphics cards connected in PCIe Gen4 mode, causing system instability.

Gigabyte’s press release specifically mentions users being faced with “WHEA PCIe errors when paired with some PCIe Gen4 graphics cards.” WHEA is short for Windows Hardware Error Architecture, but the important thing is that these are PCIe Gen4 problems. Gigabyte notes that there is a workaround to the problem; however, the workaround is “setting the PCIe speed to Gen3 through the BIOS.” Losing PCIe Gen4 capabilities of their shiny new(ish) Z690 chipset motherboard will certainly be unacceptable to any enthusiasts affected.

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