B660 Motherboard Pricing Listed, Significantly Cheaper Than Z690

Courtesy of a premature listing, we now have our first look at board pricing for some of Intel’s upcoming B660 chipset motherboards from MSI (via @momomo_us). The models listed include the B660M Mortar, B660M Bazooka, and B660M-A featuring much lower prices than most motherboards equipped with Intel’s flagship Z690 chipset. This should make building a cheap Alder Lake system much easier on the budget, with budget-friendly B660 motherboards coming as an option in the near future.

MSI B660 Motherboard Pricing – Without Tax
Model: Price Price Converted to USD:
MSI Mag B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 186.87 Euros $211.42
MSI Mag B660M Mortar DDR4 172.14 Euros $194.75
MSI Pro B660M-A WiFi DDR4 162.32 Euros $183.64
MSI Mag B660M Bazooka DDR4 155.44 Euros 175.86
MSI Pro B660M-A DDR4 148.29 Euros 167.77

The listing includes three micro-ATX offerings from MSI, including the Mortar, -A, and the Bazooka. The B660M-A DDR4 is the cheapest board of the bunch at $167.77, while the B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 is the most expensive at $211. 

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