AMD EPYC “Genoa” and “Turin” rumored to support a new SP6 socket planned, Genoa-X also

Leaked roadmaps suggest AMD EPYC Zen4 Genoa and Zen5 Turin will support SP5 and new SP6 socket, Genoa-X also planned

AdoredTV leaked roadmaps for next-gen AMD EPYC series.

In a video posted on YouTube, the leaker shared two roadmaps for the EPYC 7004 and 7005 series. The slides posted mentioning a new type of socket called SP6. Assuming that the slides are legit, it would appear that SP6 socket would support fewer CXL lanes and 6-channel memory, whereas the SP5 would be for more powerful configurations.

Furthermore, the Zen4 for SP6 socket would be limited to 70-225W range and 32-core Zen4/64 core Zen4c configurations. Meanwhile, SP5 would support full 96-core Zen4 and 128-core Zen4c Genoa and Bergamo CPUs. The SP5 systems would operate in 200 to 400W range.

AMD EPYC 2021-2023 Roadmap, Source: AdoredTV

This is the first ‘leak’ on Genoa-X, which has been rumored before. The roadmap suggest that Genoa-X’s production would start in late Q3 2023, and it would act as a stop gap between Turin. Genoa-X would be a successor to Milan-X, which is AMD’s first data-center CPU architecture with innovative 3D V-Cache.

AMD EPYC SP5 & SP6 Roadmap, Source: AdoredTV

The SP6 socket is also listed for Genoa-X as a Density & Performance per optimized Wattd platform. A single socket installations with fewer PCIe Gen5 and CXL lanes would power telecommunications and edge systems that do not require so much power.

AMD EPYC Genoa-X Roadmap, Source: AdoredTV

RUMED AMD EPYC Processor Series Specifications
VideoCardz 7003 “Milan”
7003 “Milan-X”
7004 “Genoa” 7004 “Genoa-X” 7004 “Bergamo”
7005 “Turin” 7006 “Venice” Launch 2021 2022 2022
2023/2024 2024/2025 Architecture 7nm Zen3 5nm Zen4 5nm Zen4c
Zen5 Zen6 Socket
SP3 (LGA4094)
SP5 (LGA-6096)
SP6 (LGA-????)
SP5 (LGA-6096)
SP6 (LGA-????)
SP5 (LGA-6096)
SP6 (LGA-????) TBC Modules/Chiplets 8xCCD + 1xIOD 12xCCD + 1xIOD 12xCCD + 1xIOD
TBC TBC Max Cores 64C/128T 96C/192T 128C/256T
256C/512T TBC L2 Cache Per Core 0.5 MB 1 MB TBC
TBC TBC L3 Cache Per CCX 32 MB / 96 MB 32 MB / ?? MB
Memory Channels
12-channel (SP5)
6-channel (SP6)
12-channel (SP5)
6-channel (SP6) 12-channel (SP5) 6-channel (SP6) TBC Memory Support DDR4-3200
DDR5-5200 DDR5-5200 DDR5-6000
PCIe Lanes
128x Gen4
160x Gen5 (SP5) 96x Gen5 (SP6)
160x Gen5 (SP5) 96x Gen5 (SP6) TBC
Max cTDP
200-400W (SP5) 70-225W (SP6)

200-400W (SP5)

70-225W (SP6)

[AdoredTV] TBC

TBCSource: Adored is back with some new AMD leaks! (2,362 views)

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