AMD Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE is available on AliExpress before its official release

The Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE, one of AMD’s yet-to-be-released Athlon Gold 4000G (Renoir) Series Accelerated Processing Units, has appeared on AliExpress online retailer. According to Komachi Ensaka, the new chip is available for $118.29 down from $168.99. Unfortunately, the listing says there is only one CPU in stock, so this listing will likely be removed once someone has purchased it.

CPUs are used, not brand new, according to the seller. Potato chips are also sourced from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Costa Rica and other countries. If we had to make a guess based on this data, it is likely that the seller had obtained engineering samples of the product.

The seller also provided a screenshot of CPU-Z, which showed the important specifications of the CPU. The CPU appears to have a 3.3GHz base clock, 4MB of L3 cache, four cores, and four threads. This entry is particularly interesting considering that AMD has yet to announce any new Athlon Gold processors with the 4000G series logo. There were also no whispers about a revamped AMD Athlon, so this new listing is very interesting.


The Athlon Gold 3150 GE, 3150G and 3050 GE Quad Core (4 Thread) are now available in the Athlon Gold 3000G family. The Athlon Gold Pro 3150G, Pro 3150GE and Pro 3125GE are also available as Pro equivalents. However, these parts are outdated as they use Zen+ cores and were released over a year ago.

So it’s understandable that AMD will renew the Athlon series under the 4000G branding to remain competitive in the entry-level market. Intel has also created new Alder Lake-based Pentiums and Celerons that are expected to be released soon.

We believe the new Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE uses AMD’s newer, faster Zen 2 cores because it has the 4000G series logo. Unfortunately, we have no idea when AMD will release the Athlon Gold 4000G processors, or any clues as to when it will be announced.

The only other hint that AMD is rebranding its 4000G series in future CPUs is speculation circulating regarding the Rraduate-X, which includes upgraded versions of the Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X within the 4000G series range to fend off upcoming Core i3 SKUs over the Alder Lake. The new Athlon processors could also be covered in the Renoir-X canopy, but that’s just a guess at this point.

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