NVIDIA Takes a Big Step to Improve its GPU Experience on Linux

Linus Torvalds will be happy to hear this…

NVIDIA finally announced an open-source initiative to improve the GPU experience on Linux.

Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly what you think, you will still find proprietary drivers around.

But, it’s as significant as ditting the proprietary drivers.

Here it is: NVIDIA released open-source GPU kernel modules with support for data center GPUs and consumer (GeForce/RTX) cards.

And, it is licensed under a dual GPL/MIT license, sounds awesome, right?

How does this help Linux Desktop Users?

Open-Source GPU kernel modules will help improve the interaction between the kernel and the proprietary driver.

So, this move is beneficial for both gamers, and developerswhere the hassles to work with a proprietary Nvidia driver will eventually be eliminated.

The release announcement mentions the technical benefit that includes:

Developers can trace into code paths and see how kernel event scheduling is interacting with their workload for faster root cause debugging. In addition, enterprise software developers can now integrate the driver seamlessly into the customized Linux kernel configured for their project.

This will further help improve NVIDIA GPU driver quality and security with input and reviews from the Linux end-user community.

When thinking this through for an end-user (or a gamer), you will notice easier installations and improved security overall.

Canonical and SUSE will immediately package the open kernel modules for enterprise users, and others should follow soon.

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