Asus Warns PC Shipments Will Drop 10% in Q2

Asus is predicting a slowdown in the sales of its pre-built computers, as well as some of the key components it makes for the PC DIY market. DigiTimes reports that Asus co-CEO SY Hsu put some numbers to these predictions for Q2 2022; it expects desktop and laptop PC shipments to drop by 10% quarter-on-quarter, and motherboard and graphics cards by 10-15%. Both percentage figures represent the drops expected over the previous quarter.

The Asus-centric report from DigiTimes echoes some of the findings shared by Mercury Research, that we reported on earlier today. Dean McCarron from Mercury looked at the performance of the PC market quarter by quarter, and it was particularly illuminating to see analysis of PC industry decline with results divided between AMD and Intel camps. In brief, AMD was performing impressively by successfully riding the crashing wave, and in Q1 gained 27.7% market share, which was claimed to be a record high.

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