Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme and Extreme Glacial Motherboard Review

Through every generation of motherboards (and graphics cards), every board partner does their best to offer a complete lineup. From budget to flagship-class hardware, there’s something for everyone. Today we’re covering Asus’ flagships in the ROG Z690 Maximus Extreme ($1,099.99) and the water-cooled Extreme Glacial ($1,999.99). Both boards present users with the best hardware available for the platform, while the Glacial raises the bar adding a custom EKWB full cover block to cool the CPU, VRMs, chipset, and more. But are they worth the high price of admission?

Hardware-wise, both the Extreme and Extreme Glacial are the same. Both have the overbuilt 25-phase VRM, a PCIe 5.0 M.2 socket (plus four others), Wi-Fi 6E and 10 GbE connectivity, flagship-class audio, AniMe Matrix and LiveDash displays, and too many other features to list here. Although the E-ATX-size boards look different due to the water block, they both exude a premium appearance and style that works with most builds. If you’re into RGB LED lighting, both boards have you covered, with the Glacial using a lot more.

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