Tickets To Retro Gaming Event Are Now On Sale

Better dust off those old consoles, blow the cobwebs off the controllers and flex your button-bashing fingers, a new retro gaming event is coming to London this summer. We’ve all uttered the words Just Five More Minutes when lost in a game, and this aptly-titled event will take you on a trip down gaming memory lane. Taking over the original haunt of Dragon’s Den in London Bridge from July 23 to September 1, the epic event will have over 66,000 games, old and new, for you to enjoy. Not to mention battles unfolding on the big stage and dedicated zones for every console you can dream up. It truly is a gamer’s paradise.

All this will unfold under the wooden beams of a Victorian warehouse in London Bridge which used to be the home of Dragon’s Den. Thankfully, there’ll be no nerve-wracking pitches or intense staring in this case, just a gamer’s playground; complete with zones for every major console through the decades and even a chance to put your jedi skills and natural rhythm to the test with the VR game Beat Saber. One moment you could be taking it back to basics with a game of Pong on the Magnavoxthe next you could be dodging gunfire in the chaotic battlefield of a first-person shooter game.

There’s truly something to suit every taste. Looking for your time in the spotlight? Why not take to the stage to contend in retro gaming competitions. Hate the spotlight with every fiber of your being? There are over 15 handheld consoles available, where you can spend some precious alone time playing beloved games such as Pokemon. Not only that, family sessions will take place during the day, inviting you and the kids to bond over games and meet classic characters – think Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu – and the adults-only (18+) evening sessions promise bottomless bevvies, music and cinema-style snacks to accompany your gameplay.

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Just Five More Minutes is a gaming extravaganza with every game you can think of at your fingertips. It may be you’re looking to beat your childhood score on Space Invadersfancy showing off your mushroom-throwing skills on the track with Super Mario Kart or want to finally try that game you always peered at through the shop window but couldn’t scrape together the pocket money for. Whatever the case, you’ll be able to fulfil your every game-playing whim here. Make sure you don’t miss out and grab your tickets now.

Just Five More Minutes: Gaming Experience

Just Five More Minutes: Gaming Experience

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