AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs Enter Pre-Production Stage of Development

As reported by @BenchLeaks on Twitter, it looks as though AMD’s first pre-production version of its upcoming Zen 4 CPUs has made its way onto a MilkyWay@Home spec sheet. This new information is complete with CPU family, model, and stepping name. In addition, some specifications, such as core count and cache sizes, indicate that Zen 4 is close to completion.

According to BenchLeaks, this particular chip reads as Stepping 1, indicating that it is one of AMD’s first production models the Zen 4 architecture that we have seen. Previous Zen 4 leaks, for example, have shown engineering samples with a stepping of 96. However, this new chip is still listed as an engineering sample, so we can presume it is still a pre-production model that is not ready for the consumer market.

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