China’s First Domestic GPU Announced With 1080p League of Legends Demo

Moore Threads was founded in October 2020 and broke cover in late 2021 with the announcement that it would become China’s first “fully featured GPU” company. Today the Beijing startup officially announced its first two graphics cards; the MTT S60 for PC desktops and workstations, and the MTT S2000 for servers. Both are based on 12nm GPUs built using the MUSA architecture, and the MTT S60 was demo’d at the event playing League of Legends at 1080p.

We wrote about Moore Threads when it exited stealth mode back in November of last year. Today at the launch event, founder and CEO of Moore Threads, Zhang Jianzhong, made his first public appearance in his current role. ITHome explains that Jianzhong is a former global VP of Nvidia and GM in China, and has been deeply involved in the graphics business for 15 years. He has a strong supporting team with experience across the industry in China and abroad.

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