Alibaba’s 128-Core Armv9 Server Processor Available for Preview

Alibaba Cloud has started offering its clients a new type of instance powered by its own 128-core Yitian 710 server-grade system-on-chip (SoC) introduced last October. Apparently, the processor designed by Alibaba’s T-Head subsidiary is now ready to power Alibaba’s instances. But to try it, companies have to get an invitation from Alibaba, and the number of Yitian-powered instances are extremely limited.

Alibaba’s T-Head Yitian 710 server SoC packs 128 Armv9 cores operating at 3.20 GHz. It has eight DDR5-4800 memory channels that can provide the cores up to 307.2 GBps of bandwidth, as well as 96 PCIe 5.0 lanes to attach high-performance solid-state storage, network cards, and other devices. The Yitian integrates 60 billion transistors and is made using a 5 nm fabrication process, making it one of the most complex processors ever developed.

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