NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 LHR Graphics Cards Have Been completely Unlocked providing 100% Crypto Mining Rate

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 LHR graphics cards were released almost a year ago, and now NiceHash has unlocked the series, allowing for 100% crypto mining speeds. Since its creation, there have been numerous attempts to circumvent LHR. The technique was designed to discourage crypto miners from purchasing gaming graphics cards, but as we observed, achieving 70-80% of the mining speed via NBMiner and QuickMiner upgrades still allowed crypto miners to make substantial earnings with GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs.

NiceHash has opted to improve its crypto miner, QuickMiner, which is based on the Daggerhashimotto algorithm for mining Ethereum or ETH, now that the mining mania has subsided. The same software was used to unlock up to 70% of the Hashrate in August 2021, with future versions unlocking up to 80% mining rate.

Below you can see the hash-rate of the unlocked RTX 30 LHR GPU provided by NiceHash

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Crypto miners can now attain a 100% mining rate even when utilizing an RTX 30 LHR graphics card thanks to the latest upgrade. Despite the latter’s designation as a ‘Lite Hash Rate’ variation, the RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 LHR will yield the same hash rate.


Mining might not be as lucrative as it was a year ago. The RTX 3090 TI produces roughly 125-130 MH/s, which corresponds to $4-$5 per second. This means it will pay for itself in just 400 days (more than a year), and that’s before you factor in the cost of power. The RTX 3080 generates roughly $3-$3.5 in revenue, and it will take 250-280 days to recoup its investment.

Although the cards have become cheaper and are again back to MSRP levels, it appears that investing in mining hardware is no longer worthwhile, but those who already own RTX 30 LHR cards can now enjoy quicker mining rates and more income from existing hardware.

NVIDIA’s ‘LHR’ effort was not doomed from the start. While it prompted retailers and distributors to hike the prices of non-LHR cards, allowing them to make more money, it also meant that miners steered clear of ‘LHR’ specific gaming cards at first, despite the fact that they were available in limited quantities and were heavily inflated in price.

Overall, it appears like NVIDIA LHR is coming to an end, and with mining not being as intense as it once was and GPUs returning to stock, we may finally say farewell to the feature.

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