Intel Sapphire Rapids 56-Core ES CPU Hits 3.3 GHz at 420W

Twitter user YuuKi_AnS has shared several screenshots exposing the information about Intel’s upcoming Sapphire Rapids-SP 56-core processor. While there are no benchmarks, we get a sneak peek at the chip’s specifications.

Like Intel’s mainstream Alder Lake processors, Sapphire Rapids will feature the chipmaker’s Golden Cove cores and Intel 7 node, previously known as the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process. The leaked Sapphire Rapids-SP processor has 56 cores and 112 threads. On paper, it looks underwhelming since AMD’s EPYC 7003 (Milan) chips span up to 64 cores and 128 threads. Nonetheless, it’ll be exciting to see Golden Cove go up against Zen 3 in the data center space.

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