Graphics Cards Shipments Hit Three-Year High in Q3 2021: JPR

Unit sales of discrete desktop PC graphic cards hit a three-year high in the third quarter of 2021. A 25.7% year-over-year increase, according to market research firm Jon Peddie Research. Average selling prices (ASPs) set another record during the third quarter as demand for these products once again exceeded supply. Nvidia continues to dominate the market of discrete GPUs in general and desktop graphics cards in particular, but sales of AMD’s Radeon graphics boards also increased in Q3 2021. What remains to be seen is how Intel’s entrance into discrete GPU market will affect AMD’s and Nvidia’s businesses .

Shipments of Graphics Cards Hit 12.7 Million Units

Makers of graphics cards shipped 12.7 million standalone add-in-boards (AIBs) for desktops in Q3 2021, up from 11.47 million in Q2 2021. Based on data from JPR, sales of graphics cards were up 25.7% year-over-year and 10.9% quarter-over-quarter. 12.7 million graphics boards per quarter is more AIBs than there were sold per quarter since Q2 2018, a clear indicator that demand for discrete graphics is very strong.

(Image credit: Data by Jon Peddie Research. Compiled by Tom’s Hardware)

AMD introduced its Radeon RX 6600-series entry-level desktop GPUs in the third quarter, which impacted its shipments. Meanwhile, Nvidia ramped up production of its GeForce the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti, which happen to be among the best graphics cards for performance-demanding users. Overall, discrete GPU line-ups from both vendors became significantly more competitive,

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