What we want to see in a Steam Deck 2: more power, less noise, and bright colors

Valve hasn’t confirmed whether it’s genuinely working on a follow-up to the Steam Deck, its handheld gaming PC. However, it is definitely looking into something akin to a Steam Deck 2. Company president Gabe Newell told Edge that shipping the first generation unit “helps frame our thinking for Deck 2”, and that the company would like to see the new handheld as a “permanent addition” to PC gaming. Whether Valve makes the next-generation PC handheld or it lends its SteamOS to someone else to do, we have plenty of ideas as to what we’d like to see make the cut.

Some of our suggestions are fairly realistic: improvements we’d like to see after spending some time with the Steam Deck ourselves, and some arguably less so. When it comes to pushing the boundary of what’s possible with today’s technology, our pie in the sky dream decks are definitely wild enough to make a Valve engineer sweat. But hey, a PC gamer can dream.

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