USB Type-C cables capable of charging an RTX 3080 Ti gaming laptop are here

Supercharged USB Type-C cables capable of delivering 240W of power are beginning to show up, following the announcement of the new Type-C power specification last September. With one of these new cables and a compatible charger/brick, a single USB Type-C cable could deliver enough power to keep even an RTX 3080 Ti-powered gaming laptop juiced up.

Retailer Club3D has announced three new USB Type-C cables (good spot, Tom’s Hardware). All three are rated to 240W peak wattage, though only the top cable supports the full 40Gbps data rate (via the Thunderbolt 3 protocol) at the same time. The spec lowest cable only delivers USB 2.0 speeds, so that’s more or less just a swap-in for a proprietary power connector.

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