‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ To Get AMD FSR, NVIDIA DLSS With Next Update

“Microsoft Flight Simulator” is a new-age PC-melter of a game that took the throne from age-old beast “Crysis.” But soon, it won’t be too hard to run anymore if you got a relatively modern graphics card.

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That’s because with the upcoming Update 10, developer Asobo Studios is planning to implement AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) and NVIDIA DLSS supersampling tech into the game for a serious boost in performance. These two features are scheduled to come to “Flight Simulator 2020” via Update 10 which is scheduled for a July release, reports PCGamer.

As for the exact versions of these supersampling tech, the game will get AMD FSR 1.0 and 2.0. 1.0 will come with the July update, while 2.0 is scheduled for a still-unannounced date. DLSS 2.0 will be the version to be implemented in the game on NVIDIA’s side.

The arrival of these features were announced in a recent developer Q&A series, which was posted on the game’s YouTube channel.

The developer Q&A was participated in by Jorn Neumann (head of “Microsoft Flight Simulator”), Asobo Studio CEO and co-founder Sebastian Wloch, and Asobo executive producer Martial Bossard.

In the stream, it was also announced that the game will arrive soon on Xbox Cloud Gaming – a feat that makes “Flight Simulator 2020” even more playable to a lot of people. This announcement follows the game’s earlier native release on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on July last year – less than a year after it first launched on the PC.

Asobo has confirmed that the still far-off release of Update 10 is due to the remaining work to be done on DLSS 2.0 implementation. They said there were still problems with animated textures and water surfaces that have to be worked out, though they believe they’ll fix this in time for the release of the game’s next big update.

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What This Means For ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

The inclusion of AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS for “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is going to be huge, considering just how hard it is to run this game – even on the most powerful hardware.

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“Microsoft Flight Simulator” Demo

Back when the game first released, the previous-generation graphics cards from NVIDIA (RTX 20 series) and AMD (RX 5000 series) struggled mightily to run it at 60 FPS on high quality settings. The same thing goes for the year’s latest CPUs from Intel or AMD as well, as reported by TheGamer.

But with DLSS and FSR 1.0/2.0, the game is going to get a massive performance boost. The way these features can do that is simple: they render the game at a lower resolution, then use upscaling technology to render it at a higher resolution with no performance penalty.

The resulting upscaled image barely has any noticeable differences compared to one rendered at a screen’s native resolution. This is going to definitely make “Microsoft Flight Simulator” far easier to run, even on entry-level RTX and RX graphics cards.

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