New Benchmark Shows Intel Arc Desktop GPU Could Be Equal to Nvidia’s RTX 2070

Intel is due to release its flagship desktop Arc GPU this summer, and a new test shows a score that’s on par with one of Nvidia’s older cards.

Intel recently launched the laptop variants of its hotly anticipated Arc graphics hardware. With supplies of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards getting better, not to mention prices coming down, it seems like a good time for team blue to start hitting the market with everything it’s got. While there’s still a bit of time to wait until its desktop GPUs come out, there have been numerous benchmark tests to see how the tech giant will stack up against its newest rivals, and the latest one has some interesting results.


A recent test conducted over on Geekbench has run the upcoming Intel A770 card, the company’s supposed flagship product, through the benchmark which comes out with a score of 85,585. A tweet by the Benchleaks account shows that this is just under 40% below Nvidia’s RTX 3070. According to a report from Tom’s Hardware, the OpenCL score puts the Arc desktop GPU on par with something closer to the RTX 2070, a graphics card that came out towards the latter parts of 2018.

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That doesn’t necessarily mean the A770 will be substandard. Given that the card will have 16 GB of GDDR6 VRAM and 512 execution units, it’s still likely to be a decent hardware product. However, it is a bit of a far cry from when previous tests showed the Intel Arc was allegedly on par with the RTX 3070 Ti. That being said, it may not have been the A770 that was put through a test against the 3070, and on top of that, there’s not a lot that can be gleamed from the results other than the fact that Intel’s Arc card is just behind the RTX 2070 in terms of OpenCL score, with the latter scoring 85,818. Still, it is an intriguing comparison.

With Intel launching desktop Arc GPUs as late as June, there are perhaps a couple more months of waiting until gamers and PC enthusiasts will get to see how well the tech giant will be able to stack up against the might of both AMD and Nvidia. Having said that, team blue does appear to be leaving things rather late for this current GPU era.

With AMD announcing its RDNA 3 and Nvidia looking to launch the RTX 40 series this September, the closing moments of 2022 will likely see the emergence of the next generation of graphical technology. That’s not to say that Intel won’t be able to hold its own as the market moves forward, but some may see the delays of its flagship desktop cards as being a little late to the current generation which has been in full swing since the end of 2020.

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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Geekbench

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