Intel Raptor Lake-P 14-Core CPU Outpaces The Core i9-12900HK

An Intel Raptor Lake-P (RPL-P) engineering sample (ES) processor appears to have passed through the UserBenchmark suite of tests. This 14-core, 20-thread processor looks like it is already achieving more than acceptable performance. Compared to the current best Alder Lake-P chip, the Core i9-12900HK, the new chip is comfortably ahead in single-and multi-threaded tests. Twitter’s momomo_us spotted this entry, but as with all such benchmarks featuring pre-release parts with sketchy codenames, please add a pinch of salt to the results.

This latest ‘P’ chip, which marks it as a mobile variant, is completely missing any name but the limited sys-info reporting of UserBenchmark says it resided on an “Intel RaptorLake-Px LP5 ERB” motherboard. Moreover, the system identified itself as an “Intel Raptor Lake Client Platform.”

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