Great Cities for Recent College Grads

5 Great Cities for Recent College Grads

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You’ve made it! You’re on your own, a degree in hand and six months of grace period before the student loans start knocking at your mailbox. While it may seem tempting to stay close to the warm and comforting bubble of your college campus, it’s the time to go out and explore the world and find a place where you will truly succeed. Also, there may not be a lot of career options near the University of Cincinnati or neighborhoods near your college campus.

For those college graduates looking to make a healthy start without forking out serious money from the get-go, we’ve compiled a list of five cities that are welcoming college grads with open arms.

1. Denver, ColoradoGreat Cities for Recent College Grads

Backed by beautiful scenery, Denver is a booming city packed with unique and creative job opportunities. The Mile-High City is young with 26% up its population age 20 to 34.  Better yet, you don’t need to have a car to get around, either, as it’s a very walkable and pedestrian-friendly city. While the cost of living may be a little higher than some places, the chances of getting a job you love in a beautiful place are well worth the price.

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Boasting a highly active lifestyle, stable economy and extremely reasonable cost of living, Minneapolis is friendly to college graduates looking to spend a little less right out the gate. With more than 82,000 residents between 25 and 34, recent college grads can expect to fit in socially along with finding a job that does more than pay the bills. Main employers include Target and Wells Fargo and leading industries include banking, marketing, and retail.

3. Seattle, Washington

Mountains, lakes, rivers and more are the backdrop of Seattle, Washington. Home to huge companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia, Seattle is a surging hub of technological and medical talent. It also plays kindly with outdoor enthusiasts with companies like REI and Eddie Bauer looking for fresh faces to forge new paths. Almost two-thirds of area residents carry a bachelor’s degree and approximately a third of residents are foreign. This diverse melting pot is boiling over with job opportunities in a young city packed with people from every class. Expect to rub elbows with famous Seahawks as well as meet some quirky and intelligent developers as you roam the town’s nightlife.

4. Austin, Texas

The other music city (Nashville, TN currently holds the famous title), Austin is a web of individual culture and expression. The population of 25-to-34-year-olds is one of the highest in the country which accounts for its bustling town feel. Austin’s top employers include IBM and Apple with the most popular jobs being in the fields of computer technology and engineering. Austin also welcomes young musicians and artists who are hoping to dive into a more cultural career.

5. Hoboken, New Jersey

For those college graduates who want to feel the buzz of New York but can’t quite afford it, Hoboken is the place for you. With an unemployment rate of just 1.6%, college graduates will find it hard not to find a job that pays the bills and allows for a decent social life. There is also a live music and art scene and the food is said to be some of the best in the country. Those interested in the fields of publishing and insurance will do well in Hoboken.

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