Blonde or redhead

Blonde or redhead? What color will fit me better?

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It is one of the infallible tricks to change your image in a visible and radical way. Many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson. Drew Barrymore or Penelope Cruz have taken the step and flirted with reddish tones, do you dare to color blonde or redhead?

Nothing better for a new look than a haircut and proper coloring. It is also very fun because any change in the hair does not go unnoticed and will give you the option to see yourself completely “renewed” and with an image that surely surprises.

Before deciding on a certain tone you will have to take into account a series of factors that will influence the final result. There are no pretty or ugly colors it all depends on whether they favor you or not. In this sense, the tone of your skin, more or less dark, your eye color, your features, sweet or “aggressive” to a greater or lesser extent and even your own character and way of dressing and acting will determine the success of that determined change of image.

Fortunately, the current coloring products offer absolute guarantee regarding hair care and a wide range of colors and greater or lesser color permanence. Good advice, especially if you dye for the first time is to go to a beauty salon and seek professional advice. In the hairdresser, they can advise you. And apply the most appropriate shade according to the characteristics of your hair, its natural color, its degree of porosity, its general state, more or less damaged, etc.

Keep in mind that your hair is unique. It would be almost impossible to find two identical colored hair, moreover, in your own hair, if you look, you will most likely discover that you have strands of different shades. In each hair fiber, keratin is concentrated to a greater or lesser extent producing a certain color. That is why a first test is recommended before choosing the final shade.

Choose Blonde or redhead colorBlonde or redhead

Nowadays talking about redheads is too generic. It must be said that it is a very flattering color that always brings a fresh, sexy and somewhat “exotic” tone to the hair. But there are so many nuances! that you will have to “tune” to choose the most suitable for you. The range ranges from coppery and orange to deep mahogany through violets or attractive and warm chocolate.

Some clues, which can help you decide depending on your characteristics are:

  • Very light blond or brown, together with a pale skin tone. In general, they feel phenomenal coppery and orange touches. Also, a color tone on tone somewhat darker provides a flattering contrast between the sweetness of the face and that little bit of “evil.”
  • Toasted skin and light hair. Here the choice is simple, the copper tones are the right ones because they contribute to illuminate the face and give it a mysterious and seductive touch.
  • Brown or olive skin tone. It is, for example, the case of Rihanna who usually chooses eggplant tones for the coloring of her hair. They are very flattering and give a sophisticated air and a “retro” touch to an ultramodern image.
  • Dark hair There are two possibilities, to bleach the whole of the hair fiber. And act as if the hair is clear or enhance its own hue by betting on the mahogany shades that will give it luminosity. On light skin, mahogany, chocolate, or very intense brown waves can be spectacular. It is one of the best tips to choose a blonde or redhead color.

Starting from these basic ideas there are a thousand possible combinations. Always keep in mind that darker shades mark the features more and according to many, “age”. Something that, with careful and bright hair, coupled with the right haircut, is not true. It does not matter too much if you are blonde, brunette or brown. If you feel like trying red tones you can do it more or less radically.

If you are not at all sure or want a temporary change you can try first with a few discrete wicks to get an idea of ​​how the chosen tone would be or also, take a color bath, that is, make a non-permanent color to check the result knowing. It will disappear within a few weeks.

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