Amazing Home Cleaning Hacks

6 Amazing Home Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

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Everyone hates cleaning. It’s a fact of life. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it’s extremely tedious, or maybe it’s because no matter how deeply or how often you clean, you know you’re just going to have to do it again next week. Even if you’re one of those rare, gifted people who find cleaning to be relaxing and meditative, you’re probably still not looking for reasons to scrub down your entire house. Luckily, the internet has given us a ton of brilliant cleaning hacks so that we can indulge in order to free up more time for ourselves. From getting gum out of sneaker treads to finding better ways to clean carpet stains without visiting a carpet cleaning Arlington service, home cleaning hacks are a serious boon to busy professionals everywhere. Without further adieu, here are some of the best we’ve found.

1. Keep That Garbage Disposal Smelling Sweet in Seconds

Garbage disposals are a creepy, yet highly necessary part of life. While they’re mildly terrifying to think about, they’re extremely effective at grinding up any food or debris that falls down the sink while you’re tidying up or doing the dishes. The downside of this, of course, is that it doesn’t take too long for your garbage disposal to start smelling pretty gross. What’s more, you definitely don’t want to put your hand down too far to clean it, lest you risk getting stuck or worse. The easy way to keep your disposal smelling great? Squeeze some lemon juice down there. The acidic juice will help neutralize odor and kill bacteria easily. If that doesn’t do the trick, try pouring some baking soda down there for a fresh, clean scent.

2. Embrace Borax

In every household, there should be an easy-to-use all-purpose cleaner that can be used on stains, sinks, and delicate materials alike. What’s the point of spending money on tons of different targeted cleaners when one will do? Borax is a powder-based cleaner that has tons of unexpected uses. You can use it on dishes, sprinkle some in the shower to scrub down the walls or apply it as a carpet cleaner. Having a bit of borax around will supply you with an easy, no-fuss way to clean just about every surface in your house without having to switch between a million different spray bottles and stain cleaners.

3. Use Ice to Remove Gum Wads

Finding a huge piece of chewed gum stuck to the carpet is many a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, the answer to getting the sticky substance out of your rug’s fibers is easier than you’d think. If you have some ice cubes lying around (we know you do) put a few in a Ziploc bag, let it sit, and watch as the gum comes off cleanly and totally on its own. Ice won’t just help you pry the gum off of a rug, it will make it come off in one pull rather than leaving tons of gross, hard-to-remove pieces on your rug’s surface. Keeping your rug clean and bacteria-free is going to help you avoid a ton of problems down the line, so never let a rug stain or clot sit too long.

4. Use Steam on Carpet Stains

If you’re experiencing other solid stain issues, you might need to get a bit creative. Cleaning hardened or thick stains can be a trial, and if you don’t know what method to use, you could easily end up making matters worse. If you’re looking at a clump of dried paint, food, or other matter, try using steam to pry it off. Place a damp towel over the affected area and press your iron over the dishcloth gently, being careful not to go over and singe the edges. The steam should eventually loosen the stain, making it easier to pry off the rug.

5. De-Lime Your Shower Easily

Having to deal with lime and hard water stains in your shower is gross. Luckily, white vinegar exists, and it’s a godsend. Not only will removing your shower head and soaking it in a diluted vinegar solution help you easily get rid of lime stains, dousing your shower with the same solution via spray bottle will make it easy to rid your space of any stains and spots.

6. Use a Two-Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner

Did you know that all you really need to create a multi-area cleaner are two ingredients? It’s the truth: When you combine baking soda and coconut oil, you have an instant, natural cleaning solution that’s tough on grime and can clean any number of surfaces such as cabinets, floors, sinks, and showers.

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