How to remove dark circles?

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Tired of those dark circles that make your eyes so sad? Tab these tips to remove dark circles.

One of the most common facial aesthetic concerns, especially in women, are dark circles. Whatever the cause that causes them, such as sleepless nights or stressful weeks, they always annoy everyone.

Why do dark circles appear?

Dark circles appear for two different reasons :remove dark circles

One is the pigmentation that is basically a darkening of the skin. It may be that we inherit this pigmentation or that it occurs because of some damage to our skin from sunlight.

Another cause is dilation of the veins. Occasionally, a vein under the eyes expands and darkens due to fatigue, seasonal allergy, food, etc.

How to identify the cause of your dark circles?

Pinch and lift the dark circles gently. If the color of your skin is brown, it is very likely due to natural pigmentation. On the contrary, if the color improves when lifting the skin we can assume that the cause is a venous dilation.

Tips to remove dark circles

If you want to beat dark circles, some tips will be very useful. In all cases, you will be able to reduce them and in others, you will be able to eliminate them completely:

1. Check your eating habitsremove dark circles

There are no foods that immediately eliminate dark circles, but we can take highly nutritious foods that prevent inflammation of the body such as fruits, fresh vegetables, and low-fat proteins. We will probably visibly improve the condition of the skin of the entire body, including the one around the eyes.

2. It enhances sleep qualityremove dark circles

Dark circles do not appear due to lack of sleep but if we do not sleep well they become more visible. So if you suffer from insomnia, it will be very good for you to bet on medicinal plants such as passionflower, lemon balm or lime, which will help you fight anxiety and sleep like a baby.

3. Do not forget to put on sunscreenremove dark circles

We have to apply a protective cream to prevent pigmentation from increasing by exposure to the sun. Fundamental both aesthetic and health.

4. Stop smoking if you still doremove dark circles

Numerous studies have shown that smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke (even passively) worsens dark circles.

5. Eye contour

In addition to the above habits, it is essential to apply a specific cream or serum for the eye contour daily, making gentle and inward movements.

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