How to raise the morale of your team

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Did they give you a new group of people to manage and do you want to raise their spirits?

Are you experiencing a decrease in motivation in your team?

Don’t your co-workers have a good attitude towards simple tasks?

It doesn’t matter what the cause is, but low morale requires a proactive response from you as a group leader.

What is morale and why is it important for the success of a team, a group or an entire organization?

Morality is the ability of a group of people to pull together insistently and constantly in search of a common OKRs.

To visually represent it, just think of a team of cyclists in a team time trial race.

If morale is good, everyone is more productive, satisfied and motivated, whatever the task or goal they must pursue.

Then learn to raise the morale of your team by knowing a fundamental law of teamwork, The Law of High Moral:

“When you’re winning, nothing hurts.”

When a team has high morale, it can deal with any circumstances that arise to achieve OKR.

High morale is a booster of performance, an energizer of people, a eliminator of problems, an emancipator of limiting beliefs.


Morality or victory comes first

If a team is winning, then morale is high. And if morality is high, then the team is able to win.

What comes first, then, high morale or victory?

I think high morale comes first. Because high morale positively enhances everything that is happening for a team.

Certainly when we win, nothing hurts us and blocks us. But how can we develop a high morale?

If you are one of the team, surely you need a good attitude, to always give your best, to support the other team members and the leader in the same way.

If you have little influence, you can increase it by exercising excellence in the things you do with the consistent planning through OKR Software.

But if you are, or want to be, a leader in the team, you have a greater responsibility.

You need to be a model of excellence for everyone, but you need to do more.

You need to help the people you drive to develop the kind of morale and momentum that helps create a winning team.

The leader must do small things

Your job as a leader is to help the team maintain morale and momentum with the following actions.

Keep the team focused and in the running

High morale leads to victory and victory keeps morale high. That’s why it’s important to keep the team members focused

If they lose focus or go off course, then they will stop winning. Remember, the farther you want to go, the greater the impact of a management error. If you want to cross a road and go one or two degrees off course you won’t get hurt. If you want to cross the ocean, with a few degrees you can make a lot of trouble and find yourself somewhere else.

Communicate successes

One of the things that helps people stay on the right course is to know what they are doing well. This can be done by communicating the team’s successes. There is nothing that increases morale like victory and its celebration.

Remove moral dampers

Once the team is heading in the right direction, help them keep it. The momentum is the best friend of the leader who must protect the team from things that can hurt the team.

Allow other leaders to drive

When a leader prepares other team members to be leaders themselves and then lets them go, he does two things.

First, it uses the momentum that the team already has to create new leaders for the team.

Secondly, it increases the team’s leadership, making the team even more successful.

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