Makeup Out Of Carpet

How To Get Powder Makeup Out Of Carpet

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There are many different types of dangers that pose a threat to the look and feel of your carpet. Makeup isn’t usually high on the list, especially when you consider it against more common dangers like red wine, tomato sauce, blood, vomit, or the pet accidents that can both be unappealing to see and smell.

However, when makeup is spilled on the carpet it can be a challenge to clean up depending on the type that has made contact with the surface of the fibers. What also makes this type of spill difficult to clean up is that most types of makeup are manufactured with substances designed to enhance the appearance of the skin, not carpet.

That means there can be certain ingredients within the makeup or the composition of the makeup itself, be it liquid or some other type of sticky, colored substance, that can prove challenging to say the least.

Among the tougher forms of makeup are those that are applied as a powder. This type of makeup is a challenge to clean up because when you drop it, the stuff usually goes everywhere. Not to mention the particles can also drop beneath the surface of the carpet fibers pretty quick, particularly in the area where the first impact was made.

So let’s focus on this type of makeup for the time being, especially since it can be the toughest to clean up after an accident. Follow these simple steps for taking on this seemingly daunting task and your carpet will look as good as new.

Pick Up the Excess

Since we’re dealing with powder, the best way to gather up the bulk of the makeup is to brush it out using a stiff-bristle brush of some kind. A carpet brush will probably be the most effective way to get this done, but even a hairbrush can be of some help.

Depending on the amount of powder that was spilled, you may be able to blot the excess up from the carpet with a dry cloth. Don’t use anything wet or damp as you’ll only be making the job more difficult.

Flushing the Area

Now that you’ve picked up most of the excess powder, it’s time to flush the area as best you can with some kind of dry-cleaning solvent. There are a number of brands on the market you can try, but be sure it’s a dry-cleaning fluid.

Absorb the Stain

Next, use a dry spotter on top of the stain and cover it with an absorbent pad. You’ll want to apply some of the dry spotters on the pad before you place it down. Let it sit there and check the progress of the absorption every 5 to 10 minutes.

Depending on how much you spilled and the severity of what’s permeated the carpet, you may need to swap pads out a couple of times. Press down to absorb as much as possible before you change the pad.

Keep doing this until the stain is completely eradicated.

When in doubt, call your local trusty Charleston carpet cleaning company to help you get the stain out professionally. Sometimes cleaning your carpet requires the toughest of measures.

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