Hairstyles of the 80s

Hairstyles of the 80s – Styles of the most famous rock bands of the time

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Undoubtedly the hairstyles of the 80s revolutionized. The fashion of the 80s was a time overflowing in style and extravagance, but definitely unique. The bomber sleeves, the shoulder pads, the colors, the makeup and also the outstanding hairstyles, made that time something sublime and inimitable.

And not only in costumes, accessories and hairstyles highlighted the 80s, but also in those years many rock bands were born that are still heard today and continue to shake us with the memories of a beautiful time for most.

It was a very ingenious, innovative and productive time in general. The hairstyles of the 80s were characterized by having a lot of volumes. He was daring, wild and somewhat rebellious, in order to obtain the desired volume he must arm himself with patience. Dryers and lacquer were definitely indispensable and necessary every day to achieve the appearance that is fashionable at the time. What we know as a pompadour was worn upwards and many times, it was taller than the forehead.

It was that the higher the hairstyle of the tuft was, the better and sweeping the hairstyle. It was impressive the number of chemicals used in the hair to keep it as elevated and for as long as possible. Incredibly it seemed that the hair defied gravity. Men and women shared the same tastes for eccentric hairstyles, which promoted a drastic change of styles. These 80s hairstyles were initially for the youth counterculture movement.

Hairstyles of the 80s famous singers and rock bands

Many of the hairstyles of the 80s, icons were made thanks to singers, bands and musical groups due to the popularity they had at that time. The rock bands gave the hairstyles of the 80s a lot of popularity. The big and leafy hairstyles, the disheveled hair and dyed with colors.

Also, hairstyles with long curly hair were present. Many bands popularized these great hairstyles of the 80s, mostly men but there were also women who led with their styles. Some of the bands and singers of the time that revolutionized these hairstyles of the 80’s we name them below.

WarrantHairstyles of the 80s

They had a lot of followers who liked to wear this type of hairstyle. Long, ruffled, curly and unruly hair was typically a fad among rock bands in the 80s.

PoisonHairstyles of the 80s

This rock band was not only known for its music, but also for its hair. Equally long, curly, disheveled, blond and fluttering. It will never be forgotten.

KissHairstyles of the 80s

This group was not only known for its magnificent music and the crazy things they did while on stage, but they are also popular for their looks. Her clown makeup quite disturbing but iconic, and her long curly hairstyle.

ScorpionsHairstyles of the 80s

One of the best-known brands for defending and starting the pacifist movement in the music industry. But they also did not go unnoticed thanks to her hairstyle and her music.

AerosmithHairstyles of the 80s

Known for their truly inspiring music and being a band with many awards. Aerosmith is also famous for his hairstyles. Which, today, have been able to maintain as the decades went by, although the hairstyles have evolved.

Guns N ‘RosesHairstyles of the 80s

His vocalist Axel Rose was the kind of person who made long straight hair look like rock. I add a handkerchief to his head and always ready to shake his hair. Of course, we can not miss the great opportunity to mention the impressive hair of Slash.

His star guitarist with his top hat, which became the band’s brand. Having sold 90 million copies in the world, today it is considered even one of the most successful hard rock bands.

Van HalenHairstyles of the 80s

This band made very good music and they looked good with their long, curly hair. This band really had a good taste in terms of fashion and it was something that also characterized them.

SkidrowHairstyles of the 80s

They enjoyed good looks, voices and crazy music. It is why they are remembered and obviously their long hairs below the shoulders, simply an icon in the hairstyles of the 80s.

New Order

These long, unruly and curly hair boys made them so popular. To the point that his followers began to imitate the same hairstyles they used.

Bon JoviHairstyles of the 80s

This group undoubtedly made amazing music. And because of their appearance, with a slightly more subtle look compared to most rock bands in the 80s, it made many of their followers scream until they couldn’t.

Cyndi LauperHairstyles of the 80s

This girl really loved the colors in her hair and wearing extravagant clothes. The more disheveled his hair was for her the better, his style was based on strands flying in all directions.

MadonnaHairstyles of the 80s

It became really popular too fast in the 80s. Something that also characterized it was the will it possessed to overcome all limits, its music and style made it unique. Her hair with large volume and frizz made her a sexy icon.

Hairstyles of the 80sMotley Crue

These boys really sang the hymns of the 80’s rebellion. Being too extravagant with their words, they highlighted the wild side that many did not know they had. As for their hairstyles they were simply strangers.

The hairstyles of the 80s were undoubtedly an icon. That long, ruffled, messy, curly hair and in some cases of colors, maybe somewhat forgotten by now. But what cannot be denied is that they marked a before and after in the music and fashion industry. And without fear of being wrong, we could say that today there are still many people who long for everything that time represents. The 80s, it was the only time when you could use anything in your hair, any color. And yet you looked and felt cool and spectacular, whatever your choice.

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