Common Bikini Buying Mistakes

5 Common Bikini Buying Mistakes That Women Make

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As swimsuit season approaches, it is time to start looking for the newest summer suit trends. Shopping for new swimsuits should be fun, but too often it becomes stressful and unenjoyable. Many women approach suit shopping in a manner that leaves them unsatisfied, flustered, and uncomfortable. Here are 5 common bikini buying mistakes that many women make.

1. Trying on suits in their clothing sizeCommon Bikini Buying Mistakes

When you shop for a suit, the first mistake to avoid is thinking that bikini sizes run like jeans or tee-shirts. Suit sizes vary from regular sizes, and each bikini and bikini brand will vary in size from one suit to the next. It is important that you keep this in mind and make sure you don’t allow a number or size increase to discourage you or impact your confidence. Be happy in your skin– you have a beautiful body! Try on a few suit sizes to find the one that fits your body best while giving you appropriate coverage and support.

2. Trying on unflattering suit types and not considering body type

We all have a different body shape and size. These fetters make us special and unique. Instead of trying to look like Victoria’s Secret model, have realistic expectations and play up your assets. You can show off your upper or lower body choosing bikinis with texture, patterns or even sequins. To play down an area, stick with solids or even find a suit with a little more coverage to ensure the eye is drawn only to the features you want to play up and emphasize.

3. Shopping at a store that doesn’t specialize in swimwear

Many women shop at regular clothing or department stores and while this is fine, you will have a much better experience finding a bikini if you shop in a store that specializes in swimwear and bikinis. Here you will be able to get properly fit for a suit. In addition, the salespeople will have lots of experience working with various women and so they will have a better idea as to which suits will look best on you. They will help guide you through the process of making the shopping trip much more enjoyable and successful.

4. Buying a suit without trying on

Often we buy suits online since it is convenient. The suit looks great on the model–of course. But, then the suit arrives and it is all wrong! Often the size is off, the color looks different in person than online, and the bikini shape does nothing to enhance your features. Buying online is risky; shop in-store to reduce hassle and get what you want the first time.

5. Not buying a suit with enough coverage or support.

While some women can wear bikinis with minimal material, others can’t get away with this! Especially if you have a fuller bust line, these skimpy suits are all wrong and can leave you to feel exposed and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are lots of new bikini options from Vida Soleil and other bikini companies that have ample support and coverage without lacking style! Some even have much support as your bra!

When swimsuit shopping, be sure to avoid these common mistakes in order to find a suit that looks great, flatters your figure, fits right, and is still stylish! All of these tips will ensure you have a successful, enjoyable bikini shopping experience while also getting you ready for the hot summer beach months!

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