12 romantic dinner ideas

People who have the privilege of experiencing love in a beautiful love relationship, we know that it is very difficult to find the ideal person. That is why it is very important to know what kind of gestures to have with our partner and thus maintain life and the spontaneity of the relationship. We share […]

Hairstyles of the 80s – Styles of the most famous rock bands of the time

Undoubtedly the hairstyles of the 80s revolutionized. The fashion of the 80s was a time overflowing in style and extravagance, but definitely unique. The bomber sleeves, the shoulder pads, the colors, the makeup and also the outstanding hairstyles, made that time something sublime and inimitable. And not only in costumes, accessories and hairstyles highlighted the […]

Ideas for Halloween – Makeup for women on the most anticipated night of the year

The month of October is approaching and with it the great celebration, well, we bring you ideas for Halloween. Time in all we had fun creating our characters for the long-awaited party. As usual every year we all look for appearances different from previous years. This is something that really entertains and excites us. But […]

Blonde or redhead? What color will fit me better?

It is one of the infallible tricks to change your image in a visible and radical way. Many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson. Drew Barrymore or Penelope Cruz have taken the step and flirted with reddish tones, do you dare to color blonde or redhead?