4 Ways to Make Your Art School Application Stand Out

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If you are an artist or creative person, and you are thinking of applying to art school, you may be searching for some ways to make your application stand out. Indeed, the old days of sending a boring, straightforward art school application with images from your portfolio and a dry statement are over. Admissions departments are looking for flare and excitement. Right now, the art world is awash in people trying to get into the industry. Art school allows many of these people to get in on the ground floor. However, art schools are realizing that some of these people aren’t quite as passionate and they are merely in it for the popularity of the field. This is why your application should prove that you are passionate and that you will add to the dialogue of a classroom, and that you will be a boon to an art school studio. Here are four ways to make your art school application stand out.

1. Find a Creative Way to Present Your PortfolioArt School Application Stand Out

Instead of sending in images of your portfolio, you may want to make an interesting video of yourself making art. Perhaps you can find a friend that knows how to work a digital movie camera and make a mini-documentary. You could even make it slightly funny. Of course, if you were getting RU’s bachelors in business administration, or if you were going to Oregon State University for law, you probably don’t want to get this creative. With art school, though, you want your application to be as creative as possible. With another application – to a school like UAB Online or Miami University – you can be a bit more formal.

2. Spend Some Time Brainstorming Your Artist Statement

When it comes to your artist statement, you don’t want to write anything too long, but it should show that you have a unique voice. It should not be dry or boring, and it shouldn’t sound monotone. This is why you want to spend a lot of time thinking and brainstorming your statement. Of course, you don’t need to hold on to the sentiments in your statement throughout your artistic career, but it should lay a foundation for your collegiate career.

3. Do Your Research About the School

On top of making sure that you have a solid statement, you also want to make sure that you do all your research about the school you want to get into. When you write your essay portion of the application, you want to talk about the specific reasons why you want to go to that school. It should sound like you know everything about the school – or everything you should know about the school.

4. Be Your Best Self During the Interview

Ideally, you want to be your best self during your admission interview, but you also want to be yourself. This means that you want to show your personality and you don’t want to be shy. If you have a sense of humor, you may want to tell a few jokes. At the end of the day, many art schools are looking for individuals – not drones looking to robotically go through art school.

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